Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome to my stop on the TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH blog tour!

Thanks for stopping by my blog on this special day - my blog is the tour site for Saturday, January 30! I wish I could feed all of you special cupcakes and hot chocolate but I can't really serve you through your computer monitor.

As a lead up to the entire collection of "TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH," publisher loveyoudivine Alterotica is releasing three e-books before the print version comes out on February 14, 2010 - Valentine's Day! My story, "MY DORIS, MY LOVE," is part of the first e-book entitled, "ON BENDED KNEE" (released January 29).

This is probably one of my most romantic stories and definitely the only one I've ever written with a proposal in it. I'm assuming this isn't a spoiler for most people as the title of the e-book sort of gives it away, eh? I tell the story of Lark and Doris, a long-time couple who become engaged. As a romantic, I always think about weddings and the proposals that lead to weddings. Also, I think, I've always wanted a lovely romantic wedding proposal so writing about a proposal is in some way satisfying for me - just as writing sex scenes is satisfying. I passionately believe that anyone should be able to get married regardless of sexual orientation. That's what inspired me to write the story. Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual - everyone deserves the right to wedded bliss. Love is love -regardless of gender.

Here's an excerpt from my story:

“So how was your day?” A typical question in a not so typical situation made me giggle.

“It was long. Very long.” I worked as a lifestyle editor for a daily paper. Luckily for me, I just worked days. My assistant editors worked early morning and night shifts for me. Doris worked as a nurse in a pediatrician’s office. We had very different jobs. Our polar opposite careers always made for good after work conversation.

“I had a writer insist on writing a story on muffins,” I said. “She explained that they are one of the most important breakfast breads. And since breakfast is the most important meal, it’s only logical for it to be a feature.”

Doris laughed, her body shaking the water.

“Marion Mitchell brought her son in again. This time he sprained his wrist. Kid can’t stop jumping off roofs and falling out of trees.”

I tilted back in the tub, lifting my feet up and placing them on Doris’ shoulders. It was a big tub and we weren’t big people-another reason I loved being with Doris.

She began to massage my right foot, hitting all the right points in my arch. I immediately relaxed, sliding deeper into the bathtub. As she worked her way through my tense feet I tilted my head back and let her work her magic. Up my legs she went, massaging. The knots in my body melted off one by one in rapid succession.

Her body slid closer and my yoga flexibility helped twist us into a comfortably sexy position in the bathtub. My muscles relaxed like a mass of goo. Her fingers stopped kneading and, instead, moved along my shoulders lightly. Fingertips swept across my wet shoulders and down my arms under the water. Her fingers disappeared into the water,
“Eeeks.” I almost wiggled when her fingertips touched my inner thighs.

“Shhhhhh,” she said. “It’s quiet time now.”

I put my hand over my mouth to keep the giggles from escaping.


Thank you for stopping by my blog for this sneak peak! May you be blessed with much love in your life. I am extremely proud that all of our proceeds will go to a worthy cause, Marriage Equality. xoxoxoxo


The other two e-book volumes come out on February 5th (WITH THIS RING) and February 12th (LIVES AND WIVES) before the print edition is released on the day of love!

Here are a couple of places you can find them:


The book is written by the Sapphic Planet writers -

The book is published by loveyoudivine -

All proceeds go to Marriage Equality USA -


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your contribution, Jolene! "My Doris, My Love" is such a beautiful, classic story. Such romance! Great story from your pen. It was a privilege to include it in the "To Love and To Cherish" project with loveyoudivine.

There's a FREE READ up at All Romance E-Books with excerpts from all 14 stories in the collection.

There's also a coupon for 10% off buying the first e-book "On Bended Knee" (with Jolene's story!) in that free read.

Jolene will pick one random commenter today and send me their email so I can contact them for a free autographed photo print of the cover for this collection.

So post your feedback and thoughts!

Enjoy the blog tour!

~ Lara Zielinsky

Tim said...

Great story, with great details...some of which I recognize. :)

Eric said...

nice sneak peek :)

Carri said...

wow- I cant wait to read more of that story! Congratulations, Jolene!

Adriana said...

This sounds wonderful - I can hardly wait to read it!

Adriana Kraft

MC said...

It's so nice to read about love and romance that relates to my experiences. Thanks for being a voice in the cause!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Eeeks! Delicious!

This is a great project. Marriage equality is a must!!