Thursday, July 12, 2012

Major foodie disappointment

I realize I'm a little late to the game on this topic, but after so many years of enjoying fine Los Angeles eating establishments (and because Jiro makes such divine sushi in I've seen but not yet tasted), I decided to check out the Michelin restaurant guide for Los Angeles....


What do you mean there isn't a Los Angeles guide? Say it isn't so!
Apparently, the only 2012 guides available (in the US) are for New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. 

San Francisco?! No offense, San Francisco, but you're like, the size of my medium-sized lady foot. 

I heard rumors that perhaps LA isn't "fancy" enough and/or that we don't care about genuinely good food. Basically, that we are shallow. Well, um, I've dined in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, as well as many other large cities of the world and LA has the best food in the world. Sorry, it's true. You're not going to find this much diversity of such high quality food anywhere. I often eat Mexican food at Olvera Street for lunch or hit up a Chinatown restaurant on my break. I can eat Ethiopian food, choose from a thousand Korean restaurants, and enjoy Thai food in Thai town in the middle of the night. And I'm not talking about crappy food, either. I'm talking about quality. 

I wrote to Michelin wanting to know the reason for this massive failure. 

I inquired,

I am wondering why Los Angeles no longer has a guide. So disappointing. The city is the second largest in the country with an extremely diverse population in addition to a large tourism industry. Why the snub? There are some top notch restaurants and chefs in this urban area and I'm trying to understand why Michelin would discontinue their restaurant guide for this special and unique area.

Surprisingly, they wrote me back.

They said,

Dear Jolene:

Thank you for your email dated July 10, 2012 inquiring about our Los Angeles Guide.

Unfortunately due to economic circumstances, we were forced to suspend the Los Angeles guide indefinitely. Despite this temporary suspension, we are still very much focused on monitoring this market and most certainly recognize the excellence there. We are deeply disappointed not to be able to highlight the fantastic selection of restaurants this great city has to offer, but hope to resume publishing editions in the very near future.

Consideration and renewal depends on several factors such as economic performance of the company, consumer demand, marketing strategy, and sales potential. Hearing from our readership is also very important to our decision making process.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us and for your kind interest in our publication. We take consumer feedback seriously, so in the future you may always write to us directly at:

Hmmmmmmm....well, at least they had an answer for my important question. I'm still not happy about this, though. Not happy at all. Shape up, Michelin! Pull your heads out of your snobby arses!

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Jeremy Edwards said...

Maybe it's a compliment: the LA guide wasn't selling well because you Los Angeles folks are so up on fine dining you didn't need a book to help you.