Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You blow, Stephanie Meyer.

As I was driving home today I couldn't help but notice the massive, Godzilla-sized Breaking Dawn Part I poster at Hollywood and Highland. The vomit almost came up, but I successfully kept it down - barfing while driving in LA (or anywhere for that matter) could cause a car crash. 

I will admit that when the books first came out I was interested in them and hung my "Team Jacob" patch up at my desk. I would even go so far as to say I enjoyed reading Breaking Dawn. It's the book in the trilogy with the most action. I love easy reads. I'm the romance novel master (mistress)!  However, once I saw that ginormous money making monster was not just a fun silly story,  I began to think twice about the series. To some girls (and middle aged women) Bella is their idol and the luckiest character alive! I mean, she met her true love in high school, had two hot guys fighting over her, and chose immortal life with the pale bloodsucking one (should have chosen the dark hotter one). Wait, hold up, what? Ok, so this young girl falls "in love" with some vampire who has been alive for a zillion years and he's not considered a total pervert? Isn't he a little old to be preying upon a high school girl? And, c'mon, is it at all plausible that he would just absolutely REFUSE to have sex with her until she marries him? What is this? 19 fucking 50? Not that I'm condoning teen sex (oh yeah, Edward isn't a teen but you get the idea), but that's just the reality, people. Oh wait, I forgot this is fantasy, right? And girls in fantasies don't have minds of their owns. Because it would have been unthinkable for Bella to have a mind of her own, go to college, and go to med school (or go into some other profession.. really, any profession), ditching the vampire pervert in the dust. It's just plain sad that any kind of woman would look up to a character like Bella. She's not even written as a fully formed character. It's obvious that she's some two-dimensional character written by a woman who, quite possibly, never got to live the life she wanted to lead so she pathetically penned her adolescent fantasy and made millions (billions) off of it. 

Let's be honest, Stephanie Meyer is not that great of a writer. Her writing is probably on par with most seventh graders (newspapers write at a fifth grade level so maybe I'm being generous). And the fact that her massive fortune is probably tithed to a "church" that spent an enormous chunk of funds to take away civil rights in California (remember Prop 8?!?), gives me an even more bitter taste in my mouth. 

I'm not saying to cover your daughter's (or mom's) eyes. I'm saying you should make them aware of what they're watching and why it absolutely sucks. Teach your women to be strong, to have character, to nourish their brains and be someone. I'm absolutely certain that women can do this while at the same time falling in love and having a family. We're more than just flat pieces of cardboard. 

(If you want to watch the movie to see that hottie Taylor Lautner, I fully support you.)


Anonymous said...

Great points about Bella, but isn't Twilight four books, not three (trilogy)

Jolene Hui said...

oh yes - it is four, isn't it? They all kind of blend together. ;-)