Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rest in peace, Michael...

One of my first memories is when the video for THRILLER first came out. It scared me so much that I told my parents I never wanted to see it again. They laughed and told me they were gonna hold my eyelids open with toothpicks and make me watch it over and over again. I was only 3 or 4 years old. They were such jerks! Thanks a lot, parents (I'll send my therapy bills to you).

The rest of my Michael Jackson memories are happy. My parents were both really into good music and formed my listening tastes early on. They were both fans (obviously). I remember my mother doing aerobics to Jackson 5 music. Then, for some reason, my sister and I got a hold of a MOONWALKER VHS and proceeded to watch it probably every day (at least once). Every time the ROCK WITH YOU segment came on, I'd get all flushed and worked up. "Ohmygodheissohot!!!!!!!" I'd shriek. Sometimes I'd rewind it. I've pasted a screenshot from that video below so you can see what got my 9 year old hormones going. My sister, four and a half years younger, fell instantly in love with MJ - to the point where she'd kiss her poster of him.

My sister reminded me that our little brother used to dance around to BLACK OR WHITE when it came out. Basically, we all loved all of his music at any point in his career. His videos were more than videos and his dancing was, well, uh, extremely awesome!! The best entertainer I've ever seen. Everywhere he performed girls would get hysterical and faint. Now that's charisma!

My boyfriend has a theory that people cannot help but dance or at least move around a little to DON'T STOP TIL YOU GET ENOUGH. His theory was proven when we were in Chicago about four years ago. We were on the trolley headed somewhere when that song came on. Every single person in the trolley started groovin'. It was an amusing sight.

Over these past few days it has been really great to see everyone from all around the world mourn the loss of such an icon. I know he meant a lot to many generations.

I have been listening to his DANGEROUS album yesterday and today and I have to say, it is fucking amazing. I'm sure my neighbors enjoyed my renditions of WHO IS IT and GIVE IN TO ME. All of his music is timeless. OFF THE WALL is still amazing and 300 times better than music today. Everyone knows THRILLER went platinum like 20 times and I always loved BAD. The thing about DANGEROUS I'm noticing is how mature it is - it has a passion about it that I never fully realized before. I will perform it many more times in my apartment in remembrance of such an unforgettable entertainer.

Thanks for all the memories, MJ - we're gonna miss you!!!!!

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alaynemarie said...

Thanks for posting a POSITIVE commentary on MJ. He truly was a thrilling entertainer. One who has influenced musicians of today, well beyond what many of us recognize. Through his song lyrics, dance moves, and even some of the rhythms we are all familar with. A great artist.