Sunday, April 19, 2009

SWING! Adventures in Swinging - Blog Tour!

Happy Monday, everyone! I am so thrilled to be the April 20th stop of the blog tour for Swing! edited by the talented Jolie du Pre. My answers are quick and dirty (like I like it). The book is being released THIS WEEK on Friday, April 24th and it's an honor to share pages with some of the finest of today's erotica writers. Check the website for more details. 

1. Why do you write erotica and what do you love best about it?

The number one reason I write erotica is, well, I love sex. Of course, I love writing fiction, too, so it just seems logical to combine the two.  The thing I love best about writing in this genre is being able to convey sex in such a positive way when we live in a society that loves it but doesn’t want to admit it because it still sees it as something dirty and taboo.  

2. Tell us about your story in Swing! Adventures in Swinging by Today's Top Erotica Writers and please feel free to give us an excerpt.

My story, “Quick Fix” is about a couple (Luke and Lara) that needs to spice up their relationship so they swing with a couple next door. The whole thing starts when Kevin, the neighbor, knocks on the Lara’s door and asks to borrow some kool-aid.  I seem to like to write about attractive neighbors. Maybe I have a secret desire to have sex with my neighbors.

Here’s an excerpt:

  He led me through the hallway to his bedroom. It was obvious an artist lived here as about 20 canvases hung on the walls. Kevin pointed to one on the wall opposite the door. It was a woman, her back exposed, a hand placed on the pale curve of her back.

            I walked closer. Her hair was the exact dark brown shade of mine.  The rest of the colors were vivid, yet calming.

            “Do you like it?” He asked. I felt him standing right behind me, his breath almost on my neck.

            “It’s beautiful. It really is.” I turned around slowly. With my heels on we were almost eye-to-eye. His hand reached around to touch the small of my back, his eyes, locked on mine. The right side of his mouth turned up in a smile, the dimple a delectable indentation on his face. I held my breath, trying not to smell his aftershave.  I could hear Luke and Missi still laughing in the other room. They sounded so far away.

            I felt like there was a magnet in me, tipping me off my heels into him. His fingers seared a hole in my back. I almost moaned. His lips brushed mine delicately, barely gripping my top lip before he released it. The fingers on my back pushed me forward to lead him out of the bedroom. My breath started to slow when I saw Luke pouring Missi a glass of wine.

3. Name some other books where we can find your work.

Some of my favorite erotic books where you can find my work are Playing with Fire edited by Alison Tyler, A is for Amour edited by Alison Tyler, J is for Jealousy edited by Alison Tyler, Iridescence edited by Jolie du Pre and Ultimate Lesbian Erotica edited by Nicole Foster.  I’m also in a couple of fantastic literary fiction anthologies, Tonto Short Stories and More Tonto Short Stories.  

You can find the complete list on my website at  You’ll also find links to my work on Inside Hockey and The Flesh Farm.

4. What are you working on now?

I’m trying to get a foot fetish story going but really I’m working on a lot of different things. I always am in the middle of a million short pieces. And I’m relieved that I’ve finally found inspiration to work on a novel – it’s a memoir…sort of. It’s as good of a memoir as I can do.

5. If you could offer one piece of advice to a new author, what would it be?

Whenever I’m asked to give advice to writers I just like to say keep writing. That’s really the most important thing for all writers to remember. Also, ENJOY IT! It should be a fun and worthwhile process. 


Neve Black said...

Hi Jolene,
Nice to meet you out here. :-)

Great interview. Great excerpt too. Having sexy neighbors does make things a lot nicer to come home too, eh?

"...My answers are quick and dirty (like I like it)...."

Chuckle, chuckle.

How cool to learn that you report on hockey. I love hockey. It's the one sport I can sit down and actually watch.

Jeremy Edwards said...

I love the exquisitely building sexual tension in that excerpt!

And I'm so glad I'll be your "neighbor" again when Swing! comes out, as I was in some of the other books you've mentioned. Oh, and speaking of neighbors ...

Maybe I have a secret desire to have sex with my neighbors.**

I hear that there's suddenly a very long waiting list for the place next door to you. ; )

Michael Hemmingson said...

A novel?

You used to have a lot of immigrants playing loud immigrant music as what are you saying...

GLBT Promo said...

Hey there sexy Jolene,

Loved the interview! Congrats on everything that's going on in your life.

I have to disagree with Neve, however. I hate hockey. LOL My husband forces me to watch it. (Well...he doesn't force me, but it's always on. And now with the Chicago Blackhawks doing so well...) Maybe you can explain to me why there is so much fighting in hockey? I don't get it. I really don't. LOL

Jolie du Pre

Ashley Lister said...

Hi Jolene,

Wonderful interview and a very intriguing excerpt.


Ashley Lister

Captivatex said...

Nothing at all wrong with sexy neighbours, Jolene. One of my own memories is as a teenager, and this lady who lived next door, well she .. Wait, I've said too much already! ;-)

Yet another great interview on the SWING! blog tour. Readers following the tour must be salivating already, waiting for SWING! to appear on the 24th! Not long now!

What I can say is that the pdf version has 113,293 words: 439 pages of juicy goodness. Now that's a good bedtime book!

Be sure to drop in on the launch party at the Logical-Lust Yahoo group Friday 24th, Midday til Midnight EST.

Best regards
Jim Brown (SWING! publisher)
Logical-Lust Publications

D. L. King said...

Hey Jolene,

Liked your excerpt. One of these days we'll meet in the flesh--probably at In The Flesh...

Donna said...

Hi Jolene--

Your delicious excerpt makes me wish my neighbors weren't a 94-year-old guy and a sour-faced woman doctor with four pit bulls! I'm so looking forward to reading the rest of the story.

Thanks for such an inspiring interview. I must say your passion for sex comes through in your wonderful stories. I'm still drooling over that banana cupcake story in Sex and Candy!

And I'm so glad to share the covers of Swing! with you.

Emerald said...

Oh, what a hot excerpt! Whew! I really liked also (and related to) what you said you liked best about writing erotica. Thanks for sharing!