Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I can hardly wait for these two books to come out. Yippeeeee!!!

Swing! should be out (hopefully) mid-month and Playing With Fire is scheduled for the beginning of April.

DON'T FORGET- In The Flesh is next week at Hustler, Hollywood. Wednesday, March 11th. I'll be there co-hosting with Stan Kent. I've been trying to do a little recruiting on craigslist - but the aholes flagged and removed me again. I didn't even use the term "erotic" in the posting or mention anything to do with sex. Maybe I'm in the wrong category? WTF, CRAIGSLIST?! WTF?!?

Hey, at least I'm getting my mail now.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Can't wait to Swing! and Play* with Fire with you!


Michael Hemmingson said...

two good hemmingson stories in these books.