Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My copies of PLAYING WITH FIRE arrived today and they look amazing. I could stare at the cover all day!!! SO SEXY (see cover in previous post)

I don't think it's available to the public yet so don't get too excited. If you want to pre-order, go for it - it's worth it. These stories are spicy.

Product Description

Why should you play hard to get when you can play with fire? The forbidden has never been so appealing as it is in Alison Tyler's latest collection. In these incendiary stories that explore the taboo side of erotica, couples go about setting their boundaries aflame. Committed to each other without question, they play out their naughtiest fantasies, pushing the limits of sex, lust, and the imagination as far as they can to please each other. Playing it a bit riskier and playing it a bit more daring will send readers and their partners steaming towards the next step in sexual exploration. Featuring new work from ADR Forte, Jolene Hui, Sommer Marsden, Shanna Germain, and others, Playing With Fire delivers enough heat to inspire readers to burn their own erotic bridges.

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Michael Hemmingson said...

my story kicks ass over all others.