Tuesday, March 24, 2009

En Espanol! Si! Si! Si!

Did I tell you one of my stories was translated into Spanish? Amusing, right? Alison Tyler's The Happy Birthday Book of Erotica is available now in Spanish! I'm so thrilled...but bummed I haven't seen a copy yet. The above pic was the best I could do, size-wise. I couldn't find a larger version, damnit. 

Speaking of sexy - if you were planning on going to The Hive Gallery this Friday for the Feminine Oddities show, I won't be there. Just letting you know in case you'd been planning to see this particular burlesque show. Go see a movie instead. I Love You Man, looks fantastic. 

Love you all!


alaynemarie said...

Cool deal. Now even the Spanish speakers will know how freaky you are!

Michael Hemmingson said...

i have a copy.