Thursday, January 22, 2009

Burlesque-ing about town

I've got a couple of performances coming up next weekend. See the fabulous pics in the posting below?

On Friday, the 30th, Feminine Oddities is heading over to Infusion Gallery in downtown LA to shake our booties dressed as pirates. Yay! I get to play with a sword!

Saturday, the 31st, we get our own night at the Hive! Please see the press release below...

But before you do, let me say a couple (or 8) things about the fresh Oscar nominations.

1) Slumdog Millionaire was not that great
2) Kristin Scott Thomas was robbed. Not only was I've Loved You So Long an amazing movie, I've never seen acting that brilliant and natural. 
3) Mickey Rourke fucking kicks ass. The Wrestler was an emotional experience for me.
4) Marisa Tomei still has a nice rack but was nothing special acting-wise.
5) I'm sick of reading about how the Dark Knight was robbed or some other lame shit like that. I was nearly asleep during the second half of that snoozefest. 
6) However, Heath Ledger DID give a stellar performance.
8) I loved Milk.

That's it. Onto the release....and hope to see you next weekend! ;-)


Feminine Oddities LLC

in association with

The Hive Gallery Presents:

"Mystery Box"


Feminine Oddities LLC host the closing show at the Hive Gallery! It's a one night stand of art, music, and more titled "Mystery Box". Feminine Oddities LLC was formed by emerging artist and performer Debra Haden to showcase her many talents and the talents of others. The mission and inspiration of this company is derived from the term Wabi-Sabi. It's an understated beauty that is striking but not obvious, it is imperfect, incomplete and should be treasured because it will not last forever. Feminine Oddities "Where beauty is found in the oddest ways."

Feminine Oddities Artists:

Debra Haden, Joe Holliday, Christopher Moonlight, Nikki Windham, Donna Letterese, Mary Macker, Poppy Cannon Reese, Emily Steigerwald, and more……..

There will also be art-work from the talented Hive artists, and work from the recent Visionary Show!



The 1921a: modern junkyard style band.


Senor' Stretchy Skin, Damsella Distressed, and more TBA. Expect freaks, pain, and a strip tease like no other.


Feminine Oddities performance "Shhhhhh!" Burlesque music box dancers in risqué situations.


It's another Feminine Oddities cocktail: "Mystery Box" What is worse than opening Pandora's Box?? Opening the Feminine Oddities Mystery Box!! Come have a peek, but be warned this isn't for the meek! This is a show themed around the fact that things are not always what they seem. Expect mysterious art-work, beautiful burlesque, and freaks galore. Come see the magic and mystery that happens when the Oddities raid the Hive for the night. Who knew the Oddities had a thing for honey?


January 31st, 2009 doors open at 8pm- Midnight. Performances start at 9:00pm.

$8 at the door, $5 if dressed for Burlesque (corsets, fedoras etc)


The Hive Gallery

729 S. Spring St.

Los Angeles, CA 90014

In the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the Hive has become one of the hottest galleries in town. With a large front gallery space full of featured artists works, a performance room, and the second half of the space for resident artists, it's no wonder there is such a buzz about the Hive Gallery!!

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